deyr Mittelalterschmyd

I am ULF fum Oachberg, I am the son of Ferdy the Butcher. Raised in the county of Hugo from Monfort.

I spent many years practicing the art of war. Many battles I fought, some scars tell of them.

Many moons have I seen come and go, many lords too. In my old days, I have lived for many solstices in the land of the Helvets.

To earn my meager living, I travel through many countries with my daily work. I have already travelled the lands of the Habsburgs. I have also shown my art in the counties of the Hochwohlgeborene Staufer, Hohenzoller and even the Welfen. Nor should the lands of the Lombards and Franks remain unmentioned, where many a foreign language comes out of the mouths of many a person who does not wish to understand it.

I try to offer my service so that the young people may see what was right and customary in my Junker day.

I try to offer the laudable craft of the blacksmith. I try to explain to the common people, but also to the highly respectable gentlemen and ladies, the handling of the manufactured goods, but also of the weapons, knives and other articles of daily use offered for sale. F

if someone wants to do it themselves, I won't fail. I forge according to custom, from sunrise to sunset. I may sleep in darkness, so that I may do my work in broad daylight, as the Lord intended.