Oachberg anno 2019


May it be declared that at Momentum every free man and woman on this earthly disc is allowed to possess their own sharp knife. It is now allowed by the authorities to replace the previously used knives with a knife made by his own hand. For this request the highly soluble Schmyd Ulf fum Oachberg is commissioned to help all persons who wish to do so to forge their own knife.


Dys should be allowed to cost 350 pieces of silver (400 Helvetic pieces of silver) for the production of a knife in a daily work of one day.

If it may please the common people, the highly honoured Schmyd shall be allowed to show the excellent craft of damask smithing to them: This requires their 2-3 days' work for an excellent knife of Damascus steel. For this the smith should be granted 750 pieces of silver (850 Helvetic pieces of silver).

If a godly subject is interested in doing such a work, he can send a magic mail to Schmyde to make an agreement with him about the day when this work can be done.

In order to avoid greater unrest, no more than 3 people should join together to meet at the same hour.